Student Pilot’s Guide To Aviation Headsets

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So I’ve been using my brother’s old AHS-602i headset, primarily for Skype. It was working completely fine, no static or anything. Out of sol republic headphones nowhere, it stopped recording any audio, and when I raise the microphone level and boost, I get a loud static. Tried with another headset of mine, the Logitech Clearchat Premium, and have the same problem. Note that audio playback works perfectly sol republic tracks hd fine through the front speaker/headphone jack. But the microphone jacks (I tried the rear ports, again speaker jack works but not mic) aren’t working now.

I’m running Windows 7 Home 32-bit on my HP Pavilion a1250n. Something possibly notable is that when I upgraded video cards about a year ago now, it caused my audio to completely not work. After several driver installation attempts, I got it working with a particular Realtek HD Audio Driver (although I can’t recall the exact name.). I also remember having this problem with my microphone before, but I don’t have the slightest idea what I did in the previous occasions.

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